Our mission

Longevity as a service, empowering health professionals to promote wellness medicine so that the 60-year-olds of tomorrow can have the opportunity to be the 40-year-olds of today

SoLongevity promotes healthy ageing. How? By developing treatments and products, validated through solid clinical studies that aim to preserve what the World Health Organization has defined “physiological reserve”, that is the individual “capital-longevity” with which we are born and which constitutes the potential for health and wellbeing for the years to come. Our solutions are intended to allow each person to reach and maintain their maximum potential, preventing the risk conditions related to aging diseases.

The methods of precision medicine

“Pathological” ageing is a phenomenon that is not only multifactorial but also articulated in a different and specific way for each individual. For this reason, Solongevity adopts the methods of Precision Medicine to the science of aging, to ensure the best individual effectiveness in preventing and combating the degenerative processes related to it.

SoLongevity is also a platform for clinical translation of research centres’ outcomes, methods and technologies in the field of Healthy-Aging, open to cooperate with international scientific excellences that share the same vision.

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