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Next-generation food supplementation plays a central role within the medical strategy developed by SoLongevity to promote physiological rejuvenation and counteract chronic disease onset conditions.

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Empowered by its scientific committee and its research centers network, Solongevity has started a development program for food supplements targeting the cellular metabolism homeostasis and its efficiency improvement.

A new generation of natural-based nutraceuticals aimed at regulating:

  • immune-metabolic processes
  • specific biochemical cellula processes

their alterations are the roots for many symptoms and discomforts perceived by subjects over 45 years old as well as the condition for the onset of chronic diseases associated with aging.

Our formulas are patented and clinically tested to assess their effectiveness on specific physiological targets. They all share a common formula core aimed at rebalancing cellular oxidative stress and reducing low-grade inflammation. To this core, specifc ingredients compounds are added to focus their action into specific physiological targets.

Our formula effectiveness leverages on engineering a selection of active ingredients that have a synergistic interaction and selecting them in the form of precursors to optimize their systemic and cellular bioavailability.

What are Nutraceuticals

The word nutraceutical comes from the contraction of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical.

Nutraceuticals are food supplements with a proven efficacy on specific physiological processes, promoting their correct deployment. For example, they can stimulate the insulin or protein pathway, they can help the production of muscle fiber or certain components of the immune system. They cannot have a health claim, like a drug, because that would bring them under Pharma regulation. This definition is not recognized by European law, which only distinguishes between drugs and food supplements, the latter can neither cure nor prevent. The American regulation, while replicating the guideline of the old continent, recognizes the possibility of supplements to improve some physiological processes and not only to bring nutritional principles deficient.

Solongevity develops food supplements clinically tested to improve specific physiological processes, and it is for this reason that we call them “nutraceuticals”.

What are and Why using Precursors

In biochemistry, a Precursor is a molecule useful for the formation of another molecule; simplifying we can say that it is a component that can be used to produce another one. Precursors can have very different characteristics from those of the molecule they can help form. These differences can be very useful in nutraceutical science. As an example, an extremely potent molecule for longevity purposes, pure Resveratrol does not have the capability to go through the cell barrier, while its glycosylated precursor does and reaches the cell core where it is converted into Resveratrol and can release its beneficial effects. One of the glycosylated forms is Politadin, which is therefore called precursor of Resveratrol.
In the cosmetic field, Retinol is a very well known precursor of Vit. A. The enzymatic dermic environment is able to convert it into retinoic acid and therefore in Vit. A.

The Precursors’ advantages in Nutraceutics

Solongevity uses a patented combination of precursors to achieve a number of benefits:

Improve the bioavailability of the active ingredients
our glutathione is not provided in its pure form, poorly bioavailable, but induced through the 4 amino acids that the cell demands for endogenously producing it. These amino acids are highly bioavailable, empowering the production of the most powerful natural antioxidant made by our body.

Avoid the risk of nutrients overdosesome
nutrients can be pro-oxidants if taken in excess of requirements. When providing precursors, it is the cell’s own metabolism that decides what and how much to transform, the excess is eliminated.

Effectiveness increase
this is achieved by combining the high bioavailability of the precursors with the ability of cell metabolism to activate them at the right moment to face its need. Simplifying, we can say that the cell uses what it needs, at the moment in which it needs them.


Our formulas follow a path of scientific and clinical validation before being released on the market.

Once the formula is engineered, its efficacy is proven into laboratory with an in vitro study, i.e. on specific cellular models to verify a first level of efficacy.

Afterward, the formula is lab produced and tested on a small group of subjects, without particular pathologies, for a period of 2-3 months. At the beginning and at the end of the consumption period, a specific array of lab bio-analysis are run to verify whether the results obtained in the laboratory (in vitro) are confirmed on human being (in vivo).

With these results we design the clinical test, similar to that of a drug, but different in duration (3 months) and type of diagnostics, in fact we do not measure the impact on diseases but on physiological alterations scientifically associated with onset of some chronic diseases.

The clinical study outcomes are certified by independent subject as the hospital staff who is running the study, it assures the impartiality of the results.

The effectivenessof food supplement

The effectiveness of a food supplement is related to several parameters to be assessed per each ingredient and for the formula as whole:

  • its metabolic efficiency
  • its functional capacity
  • its safety.

The metabolic efficiency is based on 2 dimensions: Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability.

Bioavailabilityand Bioaccessibility

Bioaccessibility is the noble portion of the food, which represents the fraction useful for metabolic/nutritional purposes and which is released by the digestive action and absorbed by the intestinal tract.

Bioavailability is the % of a nutrient that manages to be absorbed by the body and reaches the circulatory stream to be used systemically.

Once it reaches the bloodstream, the nutritional principle must be able to perform its function on a biological tissue or living organism. This functional capacity determines whether or not it can make a metabolic contribution.

To be able to perform its functional capacity, the nutritional principle must survive a series of biochemical reactions at the level of the liver (inhibitors) and barriers (ie. cellular barrier) to get to release its contribution where it is needed.

After this long metabolic journey, the nutrient must be available in a correct amount and bio-form for the cellular system. Excesses of Vitamins and Nutrients can be just as harmful as their deficiency.

An effective food supplement formulation must consider all these dimensions in order to provide a real contribution to human metabolism and to all eligible and different physiological targets.

Communicationof our products

Communication of our products Food Supplement Advertising and Packaging are strictly regulated by the Ministry of Health, which implements in its directives the European EFSA guidelines to protect the consumer.

By law (ex. D.lgs. 169/2004; Reg. 1169/2011) “the labeling, presentation and advertising do not attribute to food supplements therapeutic properties, nor capacity to prevent or treat human disease, nor do they refer to such properties”.

The core value of this restrictive interpretation is to protect the consumer from misleading forms of communication. This interpretation is justified by the fact that most of the products on the market do not follow the scientific/clinical rigor of the drug and, as such, cannot claim actions similar to the latter.

Therefore, our products cannot communicate on our scientific validation system nor on the achieved and clinically proven goals.


All our products are made in Italy by authorized producers who control the entire production process and certify the origin of the ingredients.

They are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Our nutraceuticals

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Patented nutraceutical, antioxidant and energizing to support the rebalancing of the set of cellular processes necessary for proper metabolic and immune functioning.

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Patented nutraceutical for mental energy recovery with neuro-modulating and relaxing action.

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New Generation Dietary Supplement supporting cell replication activity for cardio and neurovascular well-being.

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