Age360° programme

Medical research over the past 20 years in the field of Longevity Science, has enabled to boost and improve individual’s physiological abilities, thus regaining optimal physical and mental functioning at any age and regardless disadvantaged situations.

At the core of Longevity medicine is a combination of sophisticated, multidimensional diagnostics with a set of therapeutic and instrumental interventions that can stimulate intrinsic physiological resources with great effectiveness.

Age360° Programme has been developed by SoLongevity to counteract ageing processes, to recover and strengthen physical and cognitive abilities, with the aim of achieving a healthy body and mind and preventing the conditions that lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

The programme

The programme consists of a diagnostic phase with 2 in-depth levels, Age360° Clinic and Age360° Lab, and a therapeutic phase that combines a 3-month or 6-month therapeutic course with the use of tools that stimulate the reactivation of key metabolic processes.



Age360° Checkup

Photographing the biological age of the organism and its state of functioning, identifying in advance possible areas of risk on which to intervene

Age360° Rejuvenation

Combine a quarterly or semiannual therapeutic course with the use of tools that stimulate the reactivation of key metabolic processes

Age360° Accelerators

Tools and equipment useful for biochemical and biophysical stimulation of the body to accelerate the achievement of longevity goals

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età neuro-cognitiva e invecchiamento

SoLongevity Clinic

The Age360° Programme’s specialist examinations and functional/instrumental tests take place in-person at our clinics.

Age360° Programme’s diagnostics allow one to measure with high accuracy one’s “physiological reserve,” i.e., one’s capital-longevity, not only at the systemic level but also for each individual system (i.e., metabolic, cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, cognitive, etc.). Such an assessment allows for the identification of intervention priorities in an individualized manner, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment plan and measuring its impact on different systems.

The benefit can be felt right away in daily life, and even more so as time goes by, since it acts on the triggers of chronic noncommunicable diseases (i.e., diabetes, heart disease, neurodegeneration, etc…) that undermine the quality of our lives in old age.

Age360° Programme is the solution developed by the Scientific Committee of SoLongevity to apply the method of Precision Medicine to counteract aging processes and revive our body’s inherent capabilities.

1. Age360° Checkup

The goal of this diagnostic phase is to take the most accurate picture possible of the biological age of our body and its state of functioning at the level of its major physiological systems, anticipating possible areas of risk and focusing on areas of weakness/intervention.

Age360° Lab

It provides a very accurate picture of the general functioning of the organism.

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Age360° Clinic

A very comprehensive series of medical examinations, instrumental and functional tests.

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SoLongevity CellFasting

Longitudinal analysis

Identifies the parameters to be monitored to monitor the impact of the intervention.

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2. Age360° Rejuvenation

Based on the Age360° Checkup report, 3 treatment programmes can be developed under the guidance of specialists who integrate medical protocols over the medium term (3-6 months) with new generation instrumentation that can accelerate the rebalancing of physiological processes and increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment plan.


A nutritional programme aimed at metabolic rebalancing and stimulating longevity genes.

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A physical training programme that can be coordinated in sync with metabolic and cognitive protocols.

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età neuro-cognitiva e invecchiamento


A programme to train neurocognitive faculties and counter some neurodegenerative risk factors.

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The Age360° Programme finds in the setting of this elegantly renovated Cascina, just a few miles from the center of Milan, a perfect environment to transform a time dedicated to one’s health into a pleasant and relaxing moment.

Longeviy Clinic La Salette

Highly trained health care specialists operate with state-of-the-art instruments in a sophisticated and comfortable environment.


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