Our vision

Develop and select the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods to preserve, recover, and enhance our health capital over time

In 2050, people over 60 will be about two billion. This demographic change will have important implications in the world of work, healthcare and social assistance. In our vision, the 60-year-olds of tomorrow will have the chance to be the 40-year-olds of today, in the midst of personal and professional life.

This is thanks to the medical and scientific discoveries in lifescience and the technological development it has brought about.

Longevity capital

From a biological point of view, ageing can be considered as the original sin of all chronic diseases.

In fact, research has made it possible to identify the metabolic and immune mechanisms that, by stopping working properly, cause micro-damage at the molecular and cellular level. The accumulation of these micro-damages triggers physical and cognitive degeneration linked to age progression.

This is not, however, an ineluctable process: today we know that our body has incredible resilience and defensive capacity if properly stimulated. It is in fact possible to intervene on these same mechanisms to slow them down and, in some cases, repair or reverse them. In this sense the promise of physiological rejuvenation is substantiated.

The science of life, one of the most lively and fascinating fields of medical-scientific research in the last 20 years, is providing us with a series of measuring and intervention tools, even non-pharmacological, to defend our Longevity and Health Reserve throughout our lives, providing new meanings to the concept of Active Prevention.

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