Our vision

Develop and select the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods to preserve, recover, and enhance our health capital over time

In 2050, people over 60 will be about two billion. This demographic change will have important implications in the world of work, healthcare and social assistance. In our vision, the 60-year-olds of tomorrow will have the chance to be the 40-year-olds of today, in the midst of personal and professional life.

This is thanks to the medical and scientific discoveries in lifescience and the technological development it has brought about.

Precision Longevity™

In 100 years, science evoluitok has extended the average life span by more than 30 years. Almost 10 of those, however, we do not spend in full health: we live longer, not necessarily better. In the next 30 years, the life science discoveries we are already making will help us understand (and design) how to live even longer, but, finally, enjoying excellent health and enhancing our physiological resources.
We will live in the “longevity society,” in which a new idea of health will help us live better, all of us, longer.

And we at SoLongevity, the union of researchers and clinicians that transfers knowledge from scientific research on cellular and functional aging into high-level medical services, want to inspire longevity medicine tailored for the society to come.

The enormous amount of data that our digitized lives generate every day is not going to diminish, and indeed, thanks to AI we will be able to process, track, share, and systematize it like never before. We believe that the availability of information about our health-processed by new diagnostic technologies but also by all the wearable, investigated by science and interpreted by professionals-will increasingly help us to “design” our health: we will measure our state of well-being, predict and prevent disease, supplement what is needed, and enhance the resources the body already has.

Precise, predictive, empowering, personalized, participatory medicine in which the person always has an active role in managing his or her own health.
We call it Precision Longevity™ because we apply the Science of Longevity to the principles of precision medicine and already offer a clinical and nutraceutical proposal that is effective, accessible, and built on the person.

Better medicine for a better, healthy life from start to finish. A longevity medicine that designs a long life and not just long, that proposes the best and not just more, that promises time in quality, for everyone. This is our formula for the medicine of the future, the medicine for the longevity society.

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