The effectiveness of precision medicine applied to the science of longevity: we call it Precision Longevity™.

The vision

Predictive, predictive, personalized: that’s SoLongevity’s formula for future healthcare to improve quality of life, longer and for everyone.

The Precision Longevity™ offering.

We integrate Precision Longevity into comprehensive and advanced diagnostics to lead effective and personalized therapies for preventive medicine and physiological rejuvenation, to develop innovative clinical pathways and the next-generation of nutraceutical supplements.

The Clinic

We integrate Precision Longevity™ into comprehensive and advanced diagnostics to guide effective and customised preventive and physiological rejuvenation therapies, develop innovative clinical pathways and next-generation nutraceutical supplements.


Longevity Pharmacy™ is SoLongevity’s project created with the aim of promoting continuous, capillary and accessible prevention activities for chronic non-communicable diseases.


We are fully committed to life science and medicine. And, therefore, research: thanks to our scientific committee and a network of scientific excellences such as NICA (National Innovation Center of Aging) in Newcastle in the UK, we develop high-level research activities on epigenetic diagnostics, physiological rejuvenation therapies and nutraceuticals, with the aim of transferring innovation from international research centers into clinical practice

The Professional Solutions

SoLongevity-Comitato Scientifico
With Precision Longevity™ Pro Solutions, we enable healthcare professionals to integrate longevity medicine into their medical and healthcare practice, promoting physiological rejuvenation and active prevention solutions that benefit their community wellbeing

The science of longevity

We are researchers and clinicians, daily committed to permanent understanding of the fundamental processes of human life. And we select and share longevity science discoveries ready for clinical application, promoting practitioner and user knowledge and simplifying their introduction into professional use

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