SoLongevity’s mission is to promote Longevity by leveraging the most advanced medical-scientific research and discoveries in this field


Food supplement in capsules of 540 mg each containing GluReS™ (Amino Acids, Polydatin, Selenium) and enriched with Vitamins B compound.

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Food supplement in capsules of 500 mg each containing the GluReS™ formula (Amino Acids, Polydatin, Selenium) enriched with Magnesium and Vitamin B2.

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SoLongevity CellFasting


New Generation Dietary Supplement supporting cell replication activity for cardio and neurovascular well-being.

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Next-generation food supplementation plays a central role within the medical strategy developed by SoLongevity to promote physiological rejuvenation and counteract chronic disease onset conditions.

Where to buy

SoLongevity Nutraceuticals are available through a selected network of pharmacies, appropriately trained to provide the best possible advice on the use of the product.

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Services to the public

The core of the longevity medicine promoted by SoLongevity is sophisticated, multidimensional diagnostics combined with a set of therapeutic and instrumental interventions that can stimulate intrinsic physiological resources with great effectiveness.

Age360° Programme

Age360° Programme is the solution that combines the best of longevity science to promote profound physiological rejuvenation by harnessing those same mechanisms that regulate our bodies.

Longevity Pharmacy

Longevity Pharmacy™ is SoLongevity’s response to promote continuous, widespread and accessible prevention measures for chronic, noncommunicable diseases to you at your local pharmacy.

Longevity News

The latest news and scientific insights
from the world of longevity.

Professional solutions

SoLongevity’s mission is to enable all health professionals and practitioners to promote longevity medicine to their clients and patients through a set of integrated solutions, both diagnostic and therapeutic, ready for clinical or market application.

Professional area

SoLongevity Pro is SoLongevity’s platform for health and healthcare professionals, a space dedicated to scientific research, education and services for physicians and the pharmacy world.

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Seizing the opportunity of longevity

SoLongevity selects, develops and integrates the best diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in the field of longevity, making them available to healthcare professionals.
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Activate the Longevity Pharmacy

Through this SoLongevity project, Pharmacies have the opportunity to preside over and promote longevity medicine by combining advanced screening services, health monitoring, and pro-longevity lifestyle promotion.

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SoLongevity CellFasting

Becoming partner

Our Longevity Pharmacy Partnership programme is available to Pharmacies who comply to specific standards. Find out if your Pharmacy complies to the Partnership programme requirements, by answering four simple questions.

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About us

Our Story

It was against a background of great scientific ferment that SoLongevity was founded to transfer its knowledge to clinical reality, with the goal of increasing everyone’s chance of living long and healthy lives.

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Our Mission

Our solutions are intended to allow each person to reach and maintain their maximum potential, preventing the risk conditions related to aging diseases.

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Our Vision

Developing and selecting the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods to preserve, recover, and enhance our health capital over time.

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Research and development

Research and development

Scientific Committee

SoLongevity was born from the meeting of highly qualified researchers and clinicians.

Comitato scientifico SoLongevity

Research and development

SoLongevity research

Research focused on understanding the mechanisms of aging, measuring and counteracting them.

Research and development


SoLongevity is a project that stems from high-level medical and scientific research developed in both institutional and individual settings.

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