Who Age360 Program is intended for

Who can benefit from Age360 Program

Age360 Program addresses those who are over 40 years old and want to preserve their current lifestyle in the future as well, and those who are over 55 years old and want to bring their physical and mental performance back to optimal levels.


If you love anticipating and planning in advance

For those who are aware that today’s efforts will payback tomorrow and believe that having good health requires planning in advance.

Age360 Program allows you:

  • understand the organic mechanisms underlying the functioning of your body
  • activate a tailor-made prevention programme
  • monitor predictive biological and neurocognitive parameters


If you’ve noticed that time goes by

For those who feel tired more and more easily than before, they need more time to recover after physical effort and recover more slowly even from a simple cold. Or, again, that the memory is no longer as ready as it used to be and that it is hard to concentrate.

Age360 Program allows you:

  • increase your psychophysical energies
  • return keener
  • improve concentration capacity
  • adapt the prevention program to the results achieved
  • improve memory
  • rebalance metabolism
  • switch off the chronic inflammation


If you are too busy to think about yourself

For those who have many responsibilities and a busy agenda, and neglect rest, nutrition, physical activity and often health. At risk of accumulating high levels of stress and reducing performance at work.

Age360 Program allows you:

  • do a full psychophysical check-up in just 24hours
  • have full customised protocols that fit your agenda
  • leverage on a telemedicine system for “virtual” remote visits, easy to slide into your agenda
  • follow a program aimed at improving the most important cognitive performance in the workplace, decision-making skills and mind clarity


If you’re a woman struggling with a changing body

For those who feel that their body has changed and lost its balance, with side effects on sleep quality, mood, skin – with well-known dryness problems – and weight control. Aware of the risks menopause poses to bones, brain and heart.

Age360° Program offers the chance to intervene on some specific menopausal disorders without resorting to hormone replacement therapy, acting in particular on:

  • sleep-wake cycle balance
  • muscle tone enhancement
  • gastro-intestinal functionalities improvement
  • prevention of bone frailty
  • “training” cognitive skills


If you’re over 60 and you think the best is yet to come

For those who have left their responsibilities and commitments behind and want to devote themselves to their passions, but feel that their body and mind do not allow them to fully live the time they have found.

Age360 Program allows you:

  • strengthen the musculoskeletal system
  • reduce the risk of developing certain chronic diseases
  • recover your energy and mental readiness

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