Longevity Pharmacy™, a place for active prevention

Pharmacies participating in the Longevity Pharmacy™ project provide a new service to the citizenry: the ability to quickly and affordably assess and monitor certain conditions-spy of their customers’ health.

A service that can respond to the growing demand for prevention regarding the onset and countering of chronic non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline, monitorial deficits, etc.

Citizens interested in assessing whether certain symptoms and physiological/functional parameters may indicate an exposure to future risk will find a simple and intuitive system for understanding whether they need to take action to reverse the trend and a staff that can suggest what to do and what to watch for to monitor their progress.

Longevity Pharmacy™ is a project of SoLongevity, created in collaboration with national universities and research centers, which is based on simple medical and scientific evidence: chronic noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and neuropathy are effectively countered if addressed by intervening on the conditions that trigger them, i.e., the early symptoms. This is possible because they mature on the basis of a series of altered physiological conditions that degenerate into pathology over time. The ability to measure and evaluate these “altered” physiological conditions or certain parameters that express them is the basis of the active prevention strategy proposed in the Pharmacy-centered Longevity Pharmacy™.

Pharmacies participating in the project will be trained to be able to assess the condition of individuals who will use the screening services and be able to recommend the best strategy to keep the risk under control, including any further investigation to be carried out with their primary care physician.

Very quickly and inexpensively, one is able to obtain personalized advice and individual assessment based on scientific literature and screening models validated by clinical practice.

Screening proposals

Over the next few months, the following screening systems will be available:

  1. Metabolic Syndrome Risk Assessment
  2. Assessment of some cognitive domains: memory and attention
  3. Individual Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  4. Long Covid Risk Assessment
  5. Assessment of Individual Fatigue Level

Screening method

Screening in medical practice is a structured set of information, questions, and data that, combined, help the health care provider frame the condition of the individual being screened. When this rapid assessment is combined with a series of consequent actions, it is called “Triage.”

The simplest example to appreciate this process is the one we are most exposed to when we have to visit an emergency room and are given a color code to determine the urgency of an intervention: the nurse asks us questions, does quick tests combined with observations, and finally gives us a score/color to determine what action to take.

This method is also applicable in the field of prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases due to the medical-scientific evolution in identifying predictive parameters of a specific risk and the evolution of clinical practices in this area.

SoLongevity and its scientific committee have selected, integrated and developed those systems that can provide an initial structured assessment of the individual’s degree of risk with respect to a given condition, which is central to an individualized active prevention policy.

Pharmacies network

A select network of pharmacies offers SoLongevity Nutraceuticals for sale. Pharmacies are properly trained to dispense the best possible advice on product use.

In case they are not available in your province or region, we ask you to refer to qualified pharmacies that provide ecommerce or home delivery service.

See the available pharmacies in the following list

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