SoLongevity Research

Research focused on understanding the mechanisms of aging, measuring and counteracting them.

The Science of Longevity presents innovations and knowledge based on an extraordinary global research effort. The multidimensionality of the topic and the speed of discoveries require close cooperation and alliance between the research world and private initiatives in order to be able to identify those areas that can make a viable clinical contribution.

The core of our research activity is centred on applied research around 3 main dimensions: epigenetic diagnostics, physiological rejuvenation therapies, and nutraceuticals.

For this reason, SoLongevity invests ⅓ of its resources in funding and cooperating with research institutions, promoting technology transfer, and developing specific internal research projects.

Our in-house innovation and research efforts have already produced 2 patents and a publication in the nutraceutical field, and will generate further impacts in the field of epigenetic diagnostics.

In this section we will give an account of the scientific projects completed, both by our organization and in cooperation with the university network with which we collaborate, and the various publications we will produce.

Our publications

Influence of Dietary Supplementation for Hyperhomocysteinemia Treatments

Alessandra Vezzoli, Cinzia Dellanoce, Teresa Maria Caimi, Daniele Vietti, Michela Montorsi, Roberto Accinni

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