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The Longevity Pharmacy™

The pharmacist becomes a central actor in citizens’ health.

The central role of pharmacies in prevention and longevity

  • Each pharmacy devotes 2 hours a day to health counseling and information
  • 4 million Italians have taken a diagnostic test at a pharmacy
  • Italy’s more than 20,000 pharmacies welcome an average of 230 customers per day

(source Rapporto Farmacia 2019 Federfarma)

The role of service pharmacies is set to grow out of necessity: from the analysis of retirement curves for primary care physicians and specialists, a shortfall of about 16,700 physicians is projected from 2018-2025 (source Studio ANAAO).

A new dimension of pharmacy

From a destination for the treatment of diseases, to a major player in health promotion.

Pharmacy has an extraordinary opportunity to preside over and promote longevity medicine. The latter represents the modern and active version of preventive services that goes beyond the vaccine system and goes as far as combining advanced screening services, population health monitoring and pro-longevity lifestyle promotion supported by specific and dedicated products.

It is the channel’s great opportunity to become a priority and privileged point of active prevention policies in the territory, concretizing the Service Pharmacy and increasing demand on non-pathological dimensions of health, not contracted with the health system.

These are the business advantages for the physical pharmacy

  • increased customer traffic and visit frequency
  • development of service-related turnover in pharmacy
  • development of telemedicine services
  • development of longevity impact product categories: nutraceuticals, special medical purpose foods, monitoring tools.

The SoLongevity project plans to act as an enabler of this new dimension of the pharmacy business by acting on 4 dimensions

  1. Training → Longevity Expert
  2. Technological infrastructure → Longevity Platform
  3. Audience education → Longevity Voice
  4. Specific and open offerings of products and services

Pharmacy has an extraordinary opportunity to preside over and promote longevity medicine.

Becoming a Longevity Expert

To be able to best assess and counsel their clients to accompany them in understanding preventive screening and actions to take to preserve their health status.

The training and updates offered by SoLongevity support the qualification of pharmacy staff as Longevity Experts, this through specific webinars, documentary material and the fast-paced podcasts on the various topics being addressed in this new area: nutraceutical molecules, prevention strategies, screening methods, biomarker interpretation, lifescience diagnostics, personalized counseling.

The science of Longevity produces innovation on all these dimensions at a daily pace, staying current by being able to discern what is worthy of consideration and learning and what is not, can be extremely challenging and dispersive. Solongevity’s scientific committee is able to select all those information and innovations that have relevance to the pharmacy operator, making them usable according to the time and manner best suited to the pharmacy operator’s business.

Pharmacists who participate in our trainings and updates will receive certification as a Longevity expert.

    Longevity Platform

    It is a cloud platform that enables the Pharmacy for all Longevity Pharmacy services, supporting the individual pharmacist in its delivery: from the moment of screening, to the moment of synthesis and recommendation, to the follow-up monitoring.

    A single portal from which to manage clients interested in specific services, allowing management of appointments, storage of screening results, communication with them; and in the future, monitoring of clients’ health status and a system of personalized recommendations.


    Collection of parameters and information based on certified protocols to assess possible health risk conditions of the subject with respect to chronic non-communicable diseases. A role of ALERT for several chronic diseases with large morbidity.


    Intuitive classification of the detected condition against a risk scale to direct advice and/or invite further diagnostic investigation to be carried out through the NHS.


    Ability to recommend products and services offered by the pharmacy from a hyper-personalization perspective, along with stimulating insights with the family doctor when needed. A role as a promoter of a self-care and physiological reserve.


    Collection over time and remotely of data and information using wearable instruments on certain health parameters and comparison with those recorded in the screening phase, in order to provide a dynamic assessment of health status.


    Client notification of activities, recommendations and alerts based on monitoring.

    The entire activity proposed by the Longevity Platform is carried out in compliance with the pharmacist’s competencies and role with respect to the NHS and in perfect harmony with GDPR regulations.

    Screenings and evaluations should in no way be considered referrals and recommendations in no way prescriptions. It operates in a prevention area, and the recommendations suggest behaviors and consumption to preserve or improve the subjects’ area of well-being.

    Screening and technologies for primary prevention

    Clinical practice uses a variety of questionnaires and rapid tests, both functional and laboratory, to quickly frame a condition and decide what to do next. Some of these tools can be exercised by anyone who has been properly trained or informed in their use.

    Artificial intelligence systems and systems for monitoring vital parameters through wearables have given new impetus to this practice, helping to enhance signaling, alerting and predictive capabilities.

    Screening questionnaires can be psychometric, i.e., they have the ability to convert a symptom into a score, or they can be functional, i.e., they require an action or task to be scored based on its performance.

    With the development of droplet blood and urine testing technologies in Pharmacy and telemedicine systems, screening systems are also being enriched with laboratory and instrumental parameters.

    All this enhances the capacity for early and proactive “surveillance” of citizen health.

    SoLongevity, in collaboration with its Scientific Committee and the university institutions with which it collaborates, has the ambition to develop a complete set of screening services adapted to the capabilities of the modern pharmacy and within the legal limits, to enhance preventive action in the territory and encourage increasingly personalized and anticipated counseling.

    Risk condition screening software

    • metabolic syndrome
    • cognitive impairment
    • chronic fatigue syndrome
    • long covid syndrome
    • neuro covid syndrome
    • cardiovascular risk
    • cognitive impairment syndrome
    • NAFLD (fatty liver) risk

    Intelligent remote vital parameter monitoring service

    Advanced diagnostic services

    • biological age
    • aging predisposition
    • risk of osteoporosis
    • redox state

    Home tele-checkup services
    A.I. systems of chronic disease risk estimation

    Longevity Voice

    Informing the pharmacy public of these new services and skills is an activity that requires time, resources, and appropriate language.

    SoLongevity presides over all social and web channels with outreach content to educate potential customers and generate pharmacy traffic.

    Getting people to understand the new diagnostic and prevention possibilities that longevity science offers with an extraordinary rate of innovation is at the heart of making Longevity Pharmacy a destination for preserving health.

    SoLongevity also promotes this activity in-store with dedicated materials.

    Digital channel support

    • Presence in the site’s store locator with service reservation system
    • Newsletter
    • WhatsApp invitations to the consumer
    • Facebook posts
    • Digital advertising for geolocated activities
    • Digital content

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