Alessandro Saibene

Surgeon Doctor, Head of Clinical Nutrition Department, IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

It is undeniable that an appropriate nutritional approach, aiming not only at improving weight status but also at correcting all the factors that negatively affect the pro-inflammatory environment, typical of obesity and metabolic syndrome, can contribute to increasing both life quality and lifespan of those affected by these diseases, which represent my main clinical and scientific interest.

But my interest is also, more generally, to extend this approach to the whole population, in order to ensure a solid and lasting “health foundation” for as many people as possible. At the core is the vision to act on a person as a whole and not as a patient, defined by a specific disease, and therefore the ambition to drive him/her towards beneficial, rational and meaningful changes in lifestyle.

Alessandro Saibene is Senior Medical Director of the Endocrino-Metabolic Internal Medicine Unit, Head of the Clinical Nutrition department at the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where he deals with the nutritional management of patients undergoing bariatric surgery, patients with metabolic syndrome and, currently, COVID patients. The main areas of clinical research and intervention concern obesity and metabolic diseases. He has been Adjunct Professor of Dietetic Sciences at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele and is a member of several scientific societies, such as the Italian Society of Obesity (SIO), of which he is a founding member and advisor of the Lombard section, Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition (ADI), Italian Society for the Surgery of Obesity (SICOB), International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO). He is the author of over 60 scientific publications.

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