Enzo Soresi

Chief emeritus of pulmonology Ca’ Granda Hospital Milan. Specialist in clinical oncology, pulmonology and pathological anatomy

Our health and the way we age depends on a network formed by the endocrine system, immune system and central nervous system. Our body has incredible resources to safeguard us from the disorder of aging. The brain also has its own resources; in fact, there is no limit to brain plasticity and neurogenesis: there is a continuous flow of stem cells produced by the brain, but we have to use them in order not to lose them. SoLongevity’s mission is perfectly aligned with my vision of a close relationship between the brain, quality of adult life, and disease risk.

Enzo Soresi is a tisiologist, anatomopathologist, oncologist, and former chief of pulmonology at Niguarda in Milan. After finishing his clinical hospital work, he decided to follow his passion for the organ “brain,” beginning a path of study, in-depth study and scientific research in neurobiology.

This professional activity has been accompanied by research activity, with more than 100 publications, and popularization activity, with 4 highly successful books including “the anarchist brain” (UTET publisher) sold more than 50 thousand copies and 4 reprints.

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