Federico Vignati

Endocrinologist Clinician, Sant’Anna Hospital Presidium, San Fermo della Battaglia

The possibility of identifying markers of cellular senescence allows early intervention in the mechanisms of ageing, slowing it down. This objective can only be achieved in a multidisciplinary way, exploiting knowledge in the biochemical, genetic, endocrine, nutritional and rehabilitative fields. SoLongevity has succeeded in bringing together some of the best Italian expertise in the field of early diagnosis of aging markers within a close-knit and coordinated team of clinicians and researchers, experts in the various branches of medicine – neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists and sports physicians – to develop a personalized path of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of senescence processes.

Federico Vignati is an endocrinologist, consultant at the Complex Operating Unit (UOC) of Endocrine Diseases and Diabetology of the Sant’Anna Hospital Presidium of San Fermo della Battaglia (Como), Reference Centre of the ASST Lariana for Clinical Nutrition and for the study, diagnosis and therapy of obesity (accredited as a centre of excellence by the Italian Society of Obesity).

During his activity as a researcher, he participated as Investigator in the Select Study on the use of semaglutide in the treatment of obese or overweight subjects with cardiovascular diseases. He is author of about 90 articles and abstracts published in national and international scientific journals, and co-author of texts on the pharmacological therapy of obesity and amino acid supplementation.

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