Hellas Cena

Prorector for the Third Mission at Pavia’s University is a MD, with Post graduate Degree in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, Professor of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition at Pavia’s University Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Clinical Nutrition Laboratory Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine, University of Pavia and actual Academic Director of the Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Master’s Degree program (MDCN) as well as the International Master’s Degree program in Integrated Treatment of Eating Disorders and Obesity at Pavia’s University.

Research areas include the study of determinants of health, including nutrition and lifestyle, as well as nutritional assessment, primary prevention and medical nutrition therapy.
Author of many papers either published or brought to National and International Congresses.
Visiting Professor at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2015-2016, 2019, 2022 participating at the research activities concerning “Pediatric Microbiome and Nutrition” at the Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition and General Academic Pediatrics – MassGeneral Hospital for Children.
In 2016 on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research has been appointed reviewer for the quality evaluation of Italian academic published research (VQR 2011-14) and member of the Scientific Experts Committee for the evaluation of the European projects “Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health” ERA-Net ERA-HDHL.
In 2017/2018 on behalf of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, she co-chaired an international Faculty on a Delphi project on Multi Vitamin and Mineral (MVM) recommendations.
Since 2017 she is member of the International Orthorexia Nervosa Task Force (ON-TF).
Principal Investigator (PI) for the multidisciplinary project “Food Systems and Sustainable Development – Creating synergies between international and African research and processes” funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (FISR projects) 2017-2018. PI of the Dietetic and Nutrition Unit for the Multidisciplinary Project: The Food Social Sensor Network (Food NET), 2017 winner of Lombardy Projects, EU founds.
Responsible for several projects within line 14 PNRR, funded by EU next generation program: UNIPV contact for CN5, PE10 and Ecosystem for Innovation with the role of Spoke Manager (Spoke 6, PE 10 – sustainable food models to counteract malnutrition), and Spoke 6 (National Biodiversity Center – NFBC – Biodiversity and human welfare in urban setting).
Member of the FOCAL POINT Italian EFSA. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Institute of Planetary Health and member of the scientific committee of CREA, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy and forestry). President of the Italian National Association of Clinical Nutrition Specialists (ANSiSA).

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