età neuro-cognitiva e invecchiamento

Based on the results of the diagnostic protocols, it is a training program for the neurocognitive faculties and to contrast certain neurodegenerative risk factors.

What is it and how it works

The main objective of BrainBoost programme is to improve overall neurocognitive abilities by simultaneously stimulating weaknesses (recovery) and strengths (empowerment).

Based upon NeuroAge Profile outcomes, the program leverages on stimulating brain plasticity, such as the ability of the brain to reorganize its structure, functions and neuronal connectivity in case of damage. The program also helps to manage stressful situations, with positive effects on the sleep-wake rhythm.

The activity plan, which will be tailor-made by a neuropsychologist and adapted to progress during the programme, aims at maintaining, empowering and/or strengthening the brain domains:

  1. Perceptive-Motor
  2. Executive Functions
  3. Learning and Memory
  4. Language
  5. Complex Attention

Cognitive training requires commitment but is designed to entertain and stimulate, and can be done anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer. BrainBoost is combined with the CellFit protocol (mandatory) and can be combined with the MetabolicRebalance protocol, for a complete counteracting action of aging processes.

BrainBoost takes place over a period of 5 months and provides:

1st Visit

The first visit, at the clinic, with a neuropsychologist to establish priorities for intervention:
– define the 5-months personalized neurocognitive training plan
– receive an explanation of the activities to be carried out and for the use of the software
– activate the sleep and stress monitoring program

Ongoing Tele Assistance

4 x video sessions per month, with a neuropsychologist to exercise language domain, evaluate intermediate results and modify the training plan accordingly.

Final Checkup

A final visit to the clinic and the end-of-program check-up to evaluate the results achieved against versus the initial scores.

A smart health-bracelet will also be available for remote monitoring of progress and quality of sleep at night. You will be able to access the exercises and programs at any time from your smartphone, and have a constant dialogue with the specialist through the remote assistance system.

Finally, it will be possible to integrate the basic BrainBoost program with the additional service (optional) of Mindfulness.

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