Age360° Rejuvenation

Based on the Age360° Checkup report, 3 treatment programs can be developed under the guidance of specialists who integrate medical protocols over the medium term (3-6 months) with new generation instrumentation that can accelerate the rebalancing of physiological processes and increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment plan.

Age360°’s therapeutic programs are also indicated for those who develop Long Covid Syndrome, which from a symptomanic point of view can be described as a condition of accelerated aging.

We currently propose 3 paths that can be followed independently, but which express maximum effectiveness when combined.


A nutritional program aimed at metabolic rebalancing and stimulating longevity genes.

The main goals of the MetabolicRebalance therapeutic program are to bring metabolism back into balance and reduce latent chronic inflammation by acting on biological processes that have “degenerated” over the years.

Beginning with the analysis conducted by a medical nutritionist, a personalized nutritional plan and dietary supplementation plan will be established to help the body regain its balance quickly. In fact, the dietary strategy aims to activate longevity genes, key players in metabolic rebalancing. In cases of overweight or obesity, the program does not aim for weight loss, but weight reduction is often a consequence of the entire rebalancing process.


CellFit is a therapeutic physical training program that can be coordinated in sync with metabolic and cognitive protocols.

The main goals of the CellFit therapeutic training program are to support improved basal metabolism, stimulate specific musculoskeletal districts to prevent joint and muscle problems, and support the revitalization and enhancement of certain cognitive abilities.

Based on metabolic and cognitive status, physical parameters and habits with respect to movement and sports practice, areas of strength and those to be improved will be identified, and a personalized training plan will be defined, compatible with each patient’s daily commitments and rhythms.


Based on the results of the diagnostic protocols, it is a training program for the neurocognitive faculties and to contrast certain neurodegenerative risk factors.

The main goal of the BrainBoost program is to improve overall neurocognitive abilities by simultaneously stimulating weaknesses (recovery) and strengths (empowerment). The program is based on the stimulation of brain plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize its structure, function, and neuronal connectivity in the event of damage. The program also helps to manage stressful situations, with positive effects on the sleep-wake rhythm. Again, the program includes a dietary supplement strategy to support the cognitive training activity

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