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Is intermittent fasting also healthy for our four-legged friends?

Dogs that eat only once a day seem to retain their cognitive abilities longer and generally have better health status



To function well, the immune system, and particularly its cellular components, need to maintain a proper energy balance


Sleep: do women need more sleep?

The reasons why women have a greater need for sleep than men lie in certain aspects of biology, but are also cultural and social


Age 360, the path to longevity

An advanced check-up of physical health status and cognitive performance, and risk factors for aging-related diseases. With an individualized program aimed at slowing biological age


Is magnesium good for the brain?

Those taking higher doses of magnesium have, on average, a higher gray mass volume and fewer white matter lesions. However, further studies will be needed to confirm these results


What is rapamycin and what effect does it have on longevity?

Rapamycin, currently used as a post-transplant anti-rejection drug, appears to counteract the age-related reduction in histone expression. However, it can cause even serious side effects


Lipoprotein A, new guidelines for cardiovascular risk management

A consensus document from the European Atherosclerosis Society gives physicians new guidance for testing and treating high blood Lp(a) concentrations


Does controlled breathing help reduce stress?

According to a study published in Scientific Reports, exercises involving breath control appear to have a positive impact on stress symptoms


N-acetylcysteine, its role in cancer immunotherapy under study

Several studies support the hypothesis that the efficacy of immunotherapy can be prolonged over time by acting on mechanisms that regulate intracellular oxidative stress

nuovi hallmark

Why do we grow old? 3 more biological mechanisms unveiled

In 2013, nine causes of aging had been explained. About ten years later, the number rises to 12