Age 360, the path to longevity

Article by SoLongevity Research
An advanced check-up of physical health status and cognitive performance, and risk factors for aging-related diseases. With an individualized program aimed at slowing biological age

What this article is about

  • SoLongevity research has developed the Age360° Program.
  • What the check-up and the three treatment paths consist of
  • You can perform diagnostic tests and visits with specialists at the Longevity Clinic La Salette, which represents a new concept of a clinic dedicated to preventive medicine and healthy longevity

SoLongevity’s program

Promote profound physiological rejuvenation by harnessing those same mechanisms that regulate our bodies. This is the concept behind the Age360° program developed by SoLongevity research and currently available at the Longevity Clinic La Salette, just outside Milan.

What Age360° consists of

After the age of 40, it is normal to notice a slight physical and mental decline. This, however, does not mean that action cannot be taken to slow down or even reverse this process. The personalized check-up and intervention program developed by SoLongevity aims at exactly that: getting the best out of one’s age, physically and mentally, in order to preserve one’s health and cognitive performance over time.

The check up

Diagnostics consists of three stages. The goal is the determination of health status and risk factors through both conventional and highly advanced diagnostic technologies, the result of the latest research including genomics, to arrive at the definition of the so-called Physioage and Neuroage profiles, indices of biological and cognitive age developed by SoLongevity. In addition to blood chemistry, microbiome, genetic, and instrumental examinations, profiling is based on assessments by specialists -a nutritionist, a cardiologist, a physiatrist, and a neuropsychologist. Regarding the determination of the Neuroage profile, the check-up assesses bothbrain age and risk factors that could impair cognitive abilities over time. The third stage islongitudinal analysis: the more than 250 parameters collected in the previous 2 stages are converted into a score and an intervention scale. Thus, key parameters are identified to be monitored over time to monitor the impact of the therapeutic intervention six months later.

Age360° is a personalized intervention plan that helps patients get the most out of their age, physically and mentally

The three programs

Such a comprehensive checkup leads to the definition of a highly personalized program of interventions: nutritional, physical activity, and “cognitive training” (single or combined), aided by specific nutraceutical supports aimed at balancing oxidative stress and counteracting inflammation, two factors that contribute to the onset of aging-related diseases. The total duration of a program, for it to succeed in establishing lasting and effective changes, is about six months. The program is designed to easily adapt to the demands of daily life-from meal planning to physical activity. Finally, any program can be followed and monitored remotely: you will only need to go to the clinic for the initial diagnostic course.

The goals to be pursued are many, from the prevention of aging and chronic diseases of aging to true rejuvenation through improving one’s physical and mental health status

La Salette Clinic

Currently, the check-up phase is performed at the Longevity Clinic La Salette, which is located only 30 km from downtown Milan (and at the crossroads of Monza, Bergamo, and Lecco). The La Salette Clinic represents a new clinic concept applied to the theme of longevity and preventive medicine, blending high-endhotel hospitality with high professionalism in the medical field. The original structure dates back to 1856 and was renovated and entirely refurbished by architect Agrati. On the SoLongevity website you can find all the information about the Age360° program and the La Salette Longevity Clinic.

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